Our top tips for boat brokers exhibiting at the London Boat Show 2018: Preparing for the show

It’s that time of the year again. The UK’s largest annual boat show is fast approaching. The London Boat Show, held at the Excel Centre, January 10-14th sees thousands of marine businesses showcasing their products. From boat brokers to watersports, entertainment, and the latest marine trends, this show isn’t to be missed by anyone involved in the nautic industry.

With over 300 exhibitors it’s important your business stands out from the rest. Your trade stand can easily be missed if it just blends in with a hundred others. You’re lucky you have the opportunity to showcase your business to the vast majority of the marine world, and now’s your time to shine. We’ve come up with 5 TOP TIPS to help you on your way.

What can my brokerage do to prepare for the show?

1) Set Goals for the show

What are you wanting to achieve by attending this show? It’s really important you decide on your objectives before arriving. Sometimes it’s easy to assume just ‘going to the show’ is enough. However in order to gain any benefit from exhibiting, discuss your business goals with your colleagues at the brokerage.

Questions you should be asking are things like:

  • Which type of visitor are you targeting?
  • What makes you unique compared to other brokers?
  • How many clients are you wanting to attract?
  • How many meetings do you want to be booked?

2) Ensure you do pre-event marketing

You don’t only want passers-by stopping at your stand on the day. Marketing your presence in the run-up allows prospects to plan a visit to your stand beforehand. Remember that boat buyers have probably been searching for boats online for a while, so being informed that your brokerage has a booth there will just widen their options and increase your chances of selling.

Use data you’ve already got to send out emails to all your prospective leads promoting your attendance. Within your marketing material include any photographs of boats you’re exhibiting, location of the stand along with contact details your staff representatives.


3) Prepare the staff representing your brokerage

First impressions are everything. You’ve only got a few days to paint your brokerage in the best possible light, so it’s essential you get everything right first time. Your staff should be prepped before the show, they need to believe in the same goals you do in order to achieve success. It may sound obvious, but make sure they’re dressed in a professional manner to give your brokerage a positive perception. A little bit of training for staff on engagement techniques can also be really valuable, and ensure they are confident and ready to speak to all your prospects.

4) Design your booth layout

Investing in a decent booth design for your stand can have a really good impact on visits to your area. How can your booth be designed to attract boat buyers? Whatever the design, the most important thing is your booth is alluring enough to attract prospective boat buyers. Whilst being eye-catching, it’s essential your message must remain clear and concise, in order to gain qualified leads. The key to success is that your booth is memorable, this will be why people remember you compared to the other brokers!

5) Create an event strategy and itinerary

Putting together a timetable will ensure everything flows nice and easily on the day. We would suggest an itinerary from start to finish so that everyone in the team knows what’s happening. If you have quite a few staff it might be worth assigning a team leader, to make clear directions on the day.