The best app for boat brokers to manage their inventory

Introducing, the official Boats and Outboards broker app

If you have a smartphone or iPad, you probably use apps on a daily basis, for online banking, getting directions to the pub, or seeing what the weather’s going to be like at the weekend. But did you know; you can also manage your business online directly from the FREE Boats and Outboards broker app?

Our app provides all the freedom and control you need to manage your gun sales effortlessly. If you already have a Boats and Outboards account, simply download the app, sign in and all your details and ads will sync automatically so you can pick up where you left off – on any device. If you don’t have an account yet, simply download the app and start your free 30-day trial!

Here’s why you should be using the Boats and Outboards app

    • It’s fast and easy to place ads: You can create new ads wherever and whenever you want, even when you have no internet connection. As soon as you have wifi or 4G, the ad you created previously will upload automatically.
    • Monitor your performance: Our app shows you a selection of performance stats, so you can see in seconds which ads are performing well, and those which may need a little work to appear higher in the search results. This is hugely valuable insight in helping you sell more.
    • Respond quickly to enquiries: When you use our app, you will receive instant notifications when there has been an enquiry on one of your ads, meaning you can respond quickly and efficiently, just like sending a quick text message. This gives your customers the best possible buying experience and ensures confidence in your brand. Not to mention, less time for them to go and find an alternative from one of your competitors!
    • All this right at your fingertips!
    If you’re currently listing your stock for sale on Boats and Outboards, download the app today and start making the most of all these benefits, free of charge!

    If you’re new to Boats and Outboards, start your free 30-day trial via the app today.

    “”We find the ‘Boats and Outboards’ platform features our companies presence on the web very nicely. A mixture of their powerful search generation in tandem with Google and a smart layout and functionality that sets our stock in juxtaposition with fellow quality sellers, gives a certain kudos that other websites try hard to emulate, seemingly unsuccessfully.”

    Ivan Burdfield

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