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Do you have an upcoming event, product launch or a special offer you’re focusing on this season? If you want a substantial audience of marine enthusiasts to hear about it, there’s no better way than sending an email campaign directly to our network of engaged audiences.

Our total number of combined engaged contacts stands at over 36,000 marine enthusiasts – but to get the best possible response from our users, we can further segment our databases to ensure your email only reaches those most likely to be responsive to your product or service, and only send to users who have opened previous emails from us in the past few months.

Engaged UK database - Boats and Outboards specialises in mid-range boats such as fishing boats and canal boats

Engaged UK database - Boatshop24.co.uk specialises in higher end boats such as yachts and power boats

Engaged international database - Europe-wide audience, specialising in higher end yachts and power boats

Segment our database

Our email databases contain users who have either placed adverts for boats for sale, enquired about a boat, or signed up specifically to hear from us and third parties like you. To ensure you’re reaching the most receptive potential customers you have the ability to segment our database by the following criteria:


E.G Region, city or town

Type of boat enquired about

E.G People who have enquired about ‘Blue Water Cruisers’ in the last week or mont

Type of boat advertised for sale

E.G People who have advertised their ‘Day Boat’ for sale within the last week or month
Link to your own website
Target specific categories
Specialist design advice
Full reporting

Wilsons Auctions

By sending an email directly to our combined marine audiences, Wilson Auctions were able to drive over 1,400 people to their website, and generate an impressive amount of interest in their marine auctions. Our audience is perfect for them, and the results speak for themselves:

Sent to: 28,313 of our email subscribers
Unique email opens: 6,617 people opened and saw the email (23%)
Clicks: 1,401 people clicked through to their website

Top Tip: Subject Lines
When it comes to email marketing, having a strong subject line is half the battle, as it encourages people to open the email in the first place. That’s why we use technology that allows us to ‘split test’ a range of different subject lines to arrive at the most effective one at boosting your chances of encouraging our users to open your email campaign.

Trafford Yachts

Trafford Yachts are the main Jeanneau agent for sailing boats and motor boats. They used their campaign email to announce the arrival of the new Jeanneau 449, as well as showcasing their range of other boats for sale. A whopping 902 users clicked through to their website to find out more information about their range.

Sent to: 29,122 of our email subscribers

Unique opens: 6,808 people opened and saw the email (23%)

Click: 902 people clicked through to their website

Top Tip: Keep it brief
You may be tempted to try and cram your email full of information all about your company and what you have to offer, but experience tells us it’s always far better to keep it brief. Much like Trafford Yacht’s example, it’s obvious straight away to see what they’re promoting and the message grabs the reader’s attention instantly.

Insure4Boats are regular email marketing customers of our marine brands and they repeat their purchase for one simple reason – they always get a great response. They used this eye-catching example to promote a new season sale, where customers who received the email could get 20% off boat insurance policies.

Sent to: 27,935 email subscribers
Email opens: 7,993 people opened and saw the email (29%)
Clicks: 321 people clicked through to their website

Top Tip: Discount codes
Everyone loves a discount! Offering a special discount or promo code in your Solus is a great way to generate engagement, plus it makes your campaign more measurable.
“Boats and Outboards put together our email just as we requested, which looked great. The mail out has really helped get the ‘Trafford Yachts’ name out there as being the main Jeanneau dealer in the South West. The response to the advert was good, giving us extra coverage not only for new boat sales but also to showcase our range of brokerage and stock boats.”

Jo Harmer
Manager, Trafford Yachts

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