Expose your stock, month in, month out

What is a ‘stocklisting’?

A stocklisting enables boat brokers and dealers to advertise their full stock inventory, all year round on Boats and Outboards. Getting in front of your target audience whilst they’re starting their search is vital, especially today when online browsing is often the first port of call. We also surpass the levels of traffic that many other boating specific classified websites in the UK receive (SimilarWeb data), so there’s nowhere better to advertise your boats.

Whether you have just 5 boats, or 200, we have a suitable stocklisting package to suit your business needs. Unlike other classifieds, we charge a flat monthly fee, so there’s no nasty or unexpected bills – just enquiries straight to your inbox.

Dean, Russell Powerboats

What are the key benefits?

  • Constant exposure to our large and relevant audience
  • Broadcast your ads to our partner sites with ease
  • Simple process to upload new ads, even from our unique phone app!
  • Manage all enquiries in one place
  • Packages to suit every level of dealership

Stocklisting Prices


From £73/month
  • 0-20 ads at any time / Basic Exposure  / £73
  • 20-50 ads at any time / Basic Exposure / £136
  • 50+ ads at any time / Basic Exposure / £146


From £104/month
  • 0 – 20 ads / Premium Exposure + 1 Top Ad / £104
  • 20-50 ads / Premium Exposure + 2 Top Ads / £136
  • 50+ ads at any time / Premium Exposure + 3 Top Ads / £208


From £136/month
  • 0-20 ads at any time / Premium Exposure + 3 Top Ads + Boost / £136
  • 20-50 ads at any time / Premium Exposure + 4 Top Ads + Boost / £167
  • 50+ ads at any time / Premium Exposure + 5 Top Ads + Boost / £208

“I decided to take out a Platinum Package with Boats and Outboards & I have been astounded with the results!! So much so that I am struggling to find replacement stock for the boats I have already sold. As this is supposed to be our quiet time for selling boats, what it will be like when the season starts- could be mind boggling!! We have had excellent exposure on the site with plenty of serious leads which have led to a very high conversion rate into sales. Since taking the advertising Broker Package I have not needed to advertise in any other media. Thank you to the team at Boats and Outboards”

Lindsay Eccles

CTC Marine

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